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Karen Carrera interviewed to comment on the United States Supreme Court decision upholding the employment rights of members of the LGBTQ community.

Karen Carrera interviewed to comment about during COVID 19, whether it is legal for companies to rehire employees at lower wages.

Immigrant from Peru draws on personal experience to ensure Latinos are treated fairly

Marin Snapshot: Injustices prompt Tiburon lawyer Karen Carrera to help the poor.

The Marin Independent Journal profiles partner Karen Carrera.

Settlement awaits judge's approval

Marin Independent Journal

Lawyers Make An Impact, Tiburon Law Firm Fights for the Rights of Low Wage Workers, Latinos.

The Marin Independent Journal profiles Villegas/Carrera, LLP.

Piatti Gets OK

Marin Independent Journal, Class Action Approved

IHOP Workers get $250,000 Settlement

Marin Independent Journal

8 Dairy Workers Settle Lawsuit

San Francisco Chronicle

Restaurant to pay $ 280,000.00 in dispute

Marin Independent Journal

Workers eligible for settlement cut

Marin Independent Journal

Travelodge clerks say they were not paid

Marin Independent Journal

Immigrants Vulnerable to Wage Disputes

The Sunday Press Democrat

Fast food employees file lawsuit

Marin Independent Journal